"Your project also seeks to start a healing process by demonstrating how to build bridges of peace between different cultures and faiths by celebrating the previously unknown diversity of soldiers who fought side by side in the Great War. 

Stuart Andrew MP
Chair, All-Party Parlianmentary Group on Islamopobia

 "I welcome this timely initiative to raise awareness of the sacrifice many North African men were prepared to make so far from home, in strange and unfamiliar lans - with many never seeing their countries or families ever again. We salute their courage, and underline their worthiness to be remembered." 

His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal
The Royal Palace, Amman Jordan

 "The traveling exhibition – an immersive cultural exchange – is a fantastic and visionary idea. We believe it would serve as proof that our tragedies are shared, our suffering is shared, and also our triumphs and victories. By propagating that, every Muslim, Christian, Jew, every person of faith and none, will feel that they are as one whole – a unit – and that we must stand by one another in soldarity for the greater benefit of mankind." 

Shabir Beg
Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society

 "It is important that we recognise the contributions of Muslims standing together with all communities both then and now to counter rising anti-Muslim sentiment and extremist narrative in today's society." 

Mak Chishty
Commander Metropolitan Police

 "I am delighted to commend The Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation for the projects which they are undertaking to highlight the endeavour and sacrifice shared by great cultures and religions at a time of such monumental European upheaval." 

General Sir Nicholas Houghton GCB CBE ADC Gen
Chief of Defence Staff - Ministry of Defence

 "Invitation to The Ismaili Centre International Lecture to be delivered by His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan entitiled "Global Muslim Societies in the 21st Century : Opportunities and Challenges" 

His Highness Prince Aga Khan
Shia Imami Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom

 "Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence KCVO CB ADC President of Never Such Innocence requests the pleasure of your company at Never Such Innocence’s Centenary Finale at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday 7th November 2018" 

Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence KCVO CB ADC
President of Never Such Innocence

 "It is heart-warming to hear the stories of how they stayed devout to their faith by praying in the trenches while caring for their wounded brothers-in-arms regardless of faith with remedies that they Iearned from their home countries.. . . I believe that recognition and celebration of their sacrifice for Europe will play an effective part in fostering pride among Muslim youth around the world while addressing the global rise in misunderstanding of Muslims today. I pray that your project goes from strength to strength." 

lmam Asim Hatiz OBE MA
lslamic Religious Advisor to CDS and ServChiefs